Island Girl!

Almost as a personal reaction to violent and over sexualised literature confronting me wherever I went, I wanted to write a story, not a great literary work, but a simple story, about people, their lives, their loves – great stories aren’t always great works of art – this is something I wanted to write, and I hope you just take some pleasure in reading it. Or if you prefer being read to, I have included a link to an audio YouTube  for each episode (although this is a harder skill than I initially imagined – so please bear with me )

I hope you enjoy reading about Sylvianne.

This is her serialised story.

Characters (to date)

Sylvianne Stockard. Wife, Mother, Home-maker.

Philip Stockard. Husband.  Has walked out on Sylvianne.

Laramie Stockard. Daughter of Sylvianne and Philip.  MSc Social Policy student, Manchester University

Dr. Josh Stockard. Son of Sylvianne and Philip.  Engineer

James Laidlaw.  PhD student, Manchester University. Boyfriend of Laramie Stockard

Ellen Birkett – Sylvianne’s Upper Framling Neighbour







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